Project Description

Koru Evleri consists of 22 villas of 270 m2 on a land of 25.000 m2.

There is a water-fire tank with a filter system of 150 tons. There is an electricity generator that can meet the emergency energy needs of central systems and common technical infrastructure devices.

The landscaping of all common areas, the areas planned as general parking lot, traffic and pedestrian path from the entrance of the site are covered with floor covering material. There are sewage water distribution lines, clean water distribution lines, garden irrigation distribution lines, fire extinguishing network lines, energy supply lines of buildings, telephone-TV distribution lines, antenna systems and their network connection infrastructure.

social facility and swimming pool, tennis court, multi-purpose sports field, playground are at the service of you and your family.

Parking area for two cars per villa is available.

The villas have split air conditioner infrastructure, fireplace infrastructure and chimney, TV and telephone data system in every room, and leakage electric current relay in the whole building. Interiors equipped with world brands. Imported PVP window joinery and blinds that integrate with Isıcam. Heat insulation sheathed with extruded polystyrene sheet outside the building. Central cooling air conditioning system infrastructure and also fire, gas leakage, theft security infrastructure infrastructure.

Security monitoring point and barrier at the main entrance and exit of the site…


5 to 10 minutes away from the site, there is a shopping centre including Carrefour, Migros, Butcher restaurant, Pharmacy, Hairdresser, Petshop, Patisserie, Dry cleaning etc.


Educational institutions and businesses located near the site; Koç Education Campus, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Viaport AVM, Sabancı University, Okan Education Campus, Terakki Foundation Education Campus, Technopark, Formula 1 Track, Bilfen College, Süleyman Şah University, Bahçeşehir College, Doğa College, etc.


Koru Evleri is 43km to FSM Bridge, 41km to Bosphorus Bridge, 6.5km to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, 4.5km to Kurtköy Viaport Shopping Center, 4.5km to Okan University, 8km to Sabancı University, and 400m to Bilfen College. is at a distance.

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