Who is Volkan Şengül?

During the 4 years I studied Chemistry at the university, I worked part-time as a real estate consultant in the sales and rental activities of the Emlak Bank Gebze Mutlukent project. While meeting 2654 real estate owners and having significant experience on different customer profiles, I also gained experience in corporate real estate by realizing bulk sales and leasing to various companies.

After my university education, I started to work as a sales specialist in the Turkey office of Taisal Trading Ltd., headquartered in Ireland, in 2001. In a short time, I gained success in sales in different sectors by ensuring that different chemical raw materials are tried and sold in sectors and processes that have not been tried before in Turkey.

After doing my national duty as a Laborant in 2003, I was in London/England for 18 months for English language training and sales training internship program. Meeting people from different cultures and languages, communicating with them and selling to people from different cultures during the internship period provided a universal infrastructure for my future skills.

After returning to Istanbul in 2005, I worked as a sales specialist and project manager in national and international companies.

My sincere, innovative and entrepreneurial personality, my ability to think systematically and analytically during my chemistry education, my sales successes in different sectors and geographies and my communication skills inspired me to step back into the real estate sector in 2006.

I opened my own office on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, in Tuzla Tepeoren region, to serve the villa complexes, and started real estate sales and rental transactions. In a period when personal branding in real estate was rare in Turkey, I provided branding as Villa Specialist Volkan Şengül with different services in a short time. In order to further consolidate my brand, I became the person who received the ‘Villa Specialist’ patent in Turkey. I started to be known as a real estate expert who started to use social media actively in the region and led the sector by shooting portfolio videos. I have continued to increase my investment in myself and my business every year by taking all the existing trainings related to real estate expertise from the experts in Turkey’s important universities and institutions.

The fact that we take care of our investors meticulously, the satisfaction of the services we provide and the word-of-mouth marketing of them and the increase in our referenced customers have been the biggest motivation for us to do our job in the best way and by constantly improving.

My personal goal; to add value to real estate investors by providing timely, accurate and reliable service at the right price, and to be the first real estate expert that comes to mind in Luxury Housing and Villas in Istanbul, by providing them with qualified sales and rental services.

Bu bizi tescilli villa uzmani yapar !

Mesleki Eğitim ve Sertifikalar

İzgören Akademi Etkili Sunum Teknikleri Eğitimi – 2018

ACP (lisanslı Ticari Gayrimenkul Uzmanı) Sertifikası – 2017

Bilge Adam Dijital Medya Uzmanlığı Başarı Sertifikası / 2016 – 2017

Kadir Has Üniversitesi Konut Projelerinin Satış Uzmanlığı Sertifika Programı – 2014

Realty World Türkiye ve Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Ofis Yöneticiliği Sertifika Programı – 2014

Realty World Gayrimenkul Danışmanlığı Temel – 1 Eğitimi – 2014

Boğazici Üniversitesi Gayrimenkul Danışmanlığı Sertifika Programı – 2012

Işıkören Danışmanlık Emlakta Başarının Sırrı – 2012

Certificate of achievement achievement “Brokers offices managers and real estate agents” – 2012

İstanbul Emlak Komisyoncuları Odası Mortgage Broker Eğitimi – 2008

Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı Emlak Danışmanlığı Eğitimi – 2006

TC Kocaeli Üniversitesi, Kimya Bölümü, Lisans Diploması